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Our company was Established in 1988 specifically to cater to the special needs of the banking industry such as, security, confidentiality, and time sensitive nature of
documents. Throughout the years we have expanded to service the Logistic Industry, accommodate Lab Work and the Pharmaceutical Industries.
We are currently the largest same day courier in the State of Florida and Georgia.                                          In addition to being the largest we are the most cost-effective company.
We are performing over 3500 daily stops combined in Florida and Georgia alone.                                            We also service the states of Tennessee, North Carolina and SouthCarolina.
Our company takes the trust our customers place in us with their documents, medicines, Lab work and specialized needs very seriously.
We utilize the latest security procedures and provide the highest insurance levels available in the
industry. All drivers are bonded up to 1.0 million dollars and 5.0 million general liability along with Cargo, Crime and Workers Comp Insurance. We specialize in the secure and confidential handling of highly sensitive pharmaceuticals, Lab
samples and client deposits.
We also provide route coverage and distribution services for many of our customers when their in-house personnel are out on vacation or in case of any
emergencies without any advance notice.
Due to the high demand of tracking and ease of use, we now utilize E-Courier software for all our customers. E-Courier is a cloud based mobile tracking
application that can be used on any smartphone or device with Android or Apple iOS operating systems. Using the cloud-based interface customers can easily login to place an order or to track a shipment and obtain a POD.
Using this application you can track your package real time and receive a digital signature, tracking has never been easier utilizing this cutting edge


About Us

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